Why Reunite Wildlife

Young wild animals that become separated from their families are often ‘rescued’ and presented to wildlife rehabilitators as orphans even though the parents are still living. The separation may have been caused by a storm, a broken nest, or some kind of human activity, but in many cases, they can be reunited with their families in the wild, using methods that are appropriate to the age and species of the animal. This is best for the young animals, for their parents, and also for wildlife rehabilitators, who are spared the time, effort and expense of raising the young animals in captivity.

How to Use this Website

Detailed information on how to Reunite Raptors is available when you click the icon at right. This information has been peer reviewed, and represents widely-accepted methods of reuniting and fostering birds of prey. Specific information about additional raptor species will be added as it becomes available.

Reunite Wildlife, Inc. is engaged in a multi-year project to develop an extensive data base of information on reuniting most common species of birds and mammals, for use by licensed wildlife rehabilitators. Information on other animal groups is currently being researched and peer reviewed, and will be added to the website as it becomes available.